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Thursday, February 21, 2008

We have all had a bit of time to sleep on the revelation that those associated with TEAM will be pursuing a business relationship with MonaVie. Maybe you couldn’t sleep thinking about the possibilities? Maybe you couldn’t sleep because you were expecting something a bit different? The current situation begs for the proper perspective and reframing. Here are my two cents.

After reviewing some comments online I would caution you not to be led by emotion but instead by your intelligence. Those expecting the Walmart of the internet should not be disappointed. It is clear that remains the vision. Current circumstances dictate a plan B approach. It is times such as this we need to remember all we have learned in regards to leadership. As you hopefully recall GOALS are written in stone but the GAME PLAN is written in sand.

As Major League Baseball’s spring training has begun I can’t help but draw a parallel to baseball. It’s as if Orrin was batting in the bottom of the ninth of a World Series game. Orrin, known to all as a power hitter who loves fast balls steps into the batter’s box with a full count, and two outs already on the board. The winning run is on third base. What is Orrin to expect, a fastball, a curve, a slider, who knows? This situation would not be a time to try and be the super star. To swing away would be selfish. The advice given most often in this situation is “choke up” and “hit’em where they ain’t.” That is exactly what Orrin and the TEAM leadership did. As much as some of you might have been confused by the decision to align with MonaVie, I am sure Quixtar and their cattle counting legal department were more confused. I could almost picture Amway preparing to attack our fledgling company with their mouths watering. Instead, they find themselves peering across the foggy terrain at yet another billion dollar company. So if MonaVie wasn’t what you expected, remember it wasn’t what the enemy expected either.

As I read comment after comment on the blogs, I couldn’t help but be compelled back to the foundation of TEAM and the Launching the Leadership Revolution book. I thumbed back and forth examining and reexamining the trilateral leadership ledger. I was trying to locate what I felt many people were lacking in their comments. Certainly Quixtar’s fingerprints (attempting to create doubt) could be seen among the many posts but I felt there was a degree of shock among the troops. What was lacking was what I call moxie or grit. Some people call this kahones! I have no intention of offending anyone I am just being strait with you. We have come too far to get weak in the knees my friends. I know the kahone-less is a very small group but it is the leader's job to bolster this group. Our eyes remain on an incredible future and I have full confidence MonaVie can and will be a large part of that.

The ability to launch immediately into a Walmart model would have been great. I am sure Orrin feels the same. But the alliance with MonaVie provides TEAM with a great product and a great compensation plan as well safe harbor while the war with Q-star continues. MonaVie is directly in line with the health and wellness trends the TEAM has taken advantage of in recent years. The health benefits of the acai berry are as well documented as the outrageous prices at Quixtar. I don’t have exact pricing on MonaVie as if yet, but would say that it falls into what Quixtar would call a “premium” product. Though MonaVie doesn’t meet the Walmart pricing expectations it does provide a retailable product. You won’t find a MonaVie like product at Walmart but will find everything from Quixtar at Walmart for pennies on the dollar.

One of the most important aspects of the TEAM / MonaVie alliance is that business owners will have an excellent compensation program. The monthly expense for a MonaVie distributor is far less than doing the suggested volume at Quixtar prices. MonaVie distributors also recognize true savings for case quantities, something that was not possible with XS Energy. The most important thing is that new distributors can make money early on. There is full disclosure of the incomes attainable and what it takes to reach those incomes. If anything is somewhat imposing it is being new all over again. Taking the time to learn all the fine details of the MonaVie compensation plan will take a bit of time but will be worth it. In the end it comes down to return on investment. MonaVie is far superior to what we have all endured for years. Here is a link to the MonaVie income disclosure statement.

As Orrin stated in one of his writings, “We will build the perfect business one brick at a time.” MonaVie is a logical choice on that pathway. We could easily maintain a relationship with MonaVie all the while beginning a new venture that embraces the Walmart pricing the market craves.I was excited to see Chris Brady expound upon the ultimate vision of the TEAM in discussing Community Building, Always Competitive Pricing, and Field Profit Only on our way to creating the #1 Business in North America. This would place the product side of the business in line with what has already been created in the remarkable Leadership Service Provider portion of TEAM.

This brings me to a point that demands to be made. For sometime I have wanted to further clarify the facts surrounding profit sharing on the TEAM. Without getting into specific formulas and or levels I want to just look at the big picture and for yet another reason the TEAM departed Quixtar. Critics attempt to claim the high ground by making the claim, “They make more from tools than products.” While I acknowledge that TEAM profits sharers made more from TEAM than from Quixtar, this is not an indictment of TEAM. The indictment lay squarely on Amway / Quixtar for there anemic returns to IBOs.

The graph above attempts to illustrate the size of each pot of money in terms of ratio. Here is how I determined my results. A TEAM member, involving themselves in the TEAM training system, would invest approximately $75 per month for the basic system. If he or she brought their spouse to seminar their investment would rise to $100 per month. This person or couple would then spend $300-$500 dollars to reach the suggested volume of 150 pv. In this example the IBO would spend three to five times as much money on product as they would the training system. TEAM should make no apology for having a generous profit sharing plan. After all, books and compact discs are also products. Incidentally, the books are sold at cover price or less and cd's are a mere $6. Could you imagine Border's apologizing for selling books? Quixtar is clearly guilty of hoarding the profits. This example also does not account for the economies of scale Quixtar enjoys in providing their overpriced goods. TEAM profit sharing is currently running in line with the Field Profit Only model. All profit sharers are paid for current performance. There are no special deals, not even for the founders of the TEAM. Quixtar on the other hand continues to utilize the eye dropper approach to compensate IBOs. Quixtar should be embarrassed. They probably are and this is why they have repeatedly attempted to hide tool income from IBOs or have encouraged sharing only for the largest pins. This is their track record.

Lastly, it really gets down to common sense. In any business what are your expenses and what are your potential profits. MonaVie offers improvements in both catagories. The ability to make more income from products has arrived. The critics will simply find another red herring to point to. We on the TEAM have prided ourselves on our ability to build market share through our communities. We will continue our dominance in this arena. We will continue to move toward the vision of the Walmart of the internet. In this time of transition you should demand your best. If not for you and your family then for the leaders who so willingly continue to plot the course towards our goal regardless of what's in the bottle.

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rocket said...

It may very well be the right choice, and perhaps used as a stepping stone.


How about filling in your lemmings on the game plan before having them follow you blindly?

If this is a long term deal, I think you'd see less criticism, but again, an MLM leader is not telling the whole story of where the lower level folks are, and where they are going, or even how to get there.

I'm sure it'll all be OK so long as they buy the motivation which Orrin & Chris are providing.

That couldn't possibly be considered a conflict of interest....AGAIN!!!

Anonymous said...

he thinks team people are lemmings?

thats a hoot!!

rocket said...

I don't think TEAM people are Lemmings, I'm pretty sure they are.

Has ANYONE, and I mean ANYONE AT ALL, questioned the wisdom of this decision?

Does anyone other than the "leaders" know how this is a stepping stone and what it's going to evolve into?

Thought not.

Think for yourselves, and don't be so awestruck by the charisma that you forget to ask the difficult questions.

If they can't answer those tough questions and you continue on, you deserve to lose your money on the cheap amateur motivation.

$45 bottles of juice are $45 bottles of juice. No amount of hype or belief can change that.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rocket! If you stop your lawsuited they just might, by law they would be able to tell us whats going on. You guys at Quixsand really do sound "dumb"! You guys really have no clue on how silly you sound. "We uphold the rules", but if you cant "retail" we will over look that rule for many years. It still makes you money, no wonder why that was ok but wanting to leave is such a crime. The numbers tell the truth. Just face it you guys greedy and it cost you in the long run. You ever here "The truth hurts" I guess Quixsand knows that all to well these last few months.

rocket said...

Anonymous, are you dense?

I'm not with TEAM.

I'm not an Amtard either.

Your posts are a jumbled mess which are difficult to follow.

Tell you what, when you learn how to properly construct a sentence, I'll be happy to have a conversation with you.

Read your last post, and then think about who sounds silly.

Honestly...why are seemingly all these people in MLM so poor at proper grammar and thought enunciation?

Maybe you should break the cardinal rule and go back to school. It's not too difficult to see why you are trapped in a low skill dead end job, clinging to MLM as if it's the only thing you can possibly make money at.

Don't leave such stupid incoherent comments, and you'll maybe get a little respect.

rocket said...

PS Anon, my wife and I had a good laugh over your last post. She gave two possible reasons for your poor sentence structure:

1. English is not your first language

2. You wrote this in another language and had it auto translated.

Either way, figure out who it is you're conversing with before you sound ridiculous again. Click on my name. You'll find all your answers there.

Outsider said...

Honest question. The leaders of "Team" were well rewarded for teaching downline how to build a quixtar/amway business.

Now that they are switching to another MLM, what have they done to deserve the "ranking" and thus the credibility to teach you to build this new business?

Think about this said...
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N2KMaster said...

Im considering, ive actually got a meeting going on right now in my house.

Anonymous said...

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