Tuesday, November 27, 2007

So they can't lower their prices, huh

Amway UK has lowered their prices. I already knew that. I thought it was maybe a 10% drop in the price. The prices of the following items are now 22% to 45% (average of 31%) of their previous price in the UK. (source)

  • BODY SERIES™ Concentrated Liquid Hand Soap 250 ml
  • BODY SERIES™ Fresh Scent Deodorant and Anti-Perspirant Spray 200ml/130 g
  • BODY SERIES™ 3-in-1 Bar Soap 6 bars - 150 g
  • SA8 SOLUTIONS™ Pre-Wash Spray 400ml
  • L.O.C. ™ Mini Wipes 4 travel packs each with 24 wipes
  • GREEN MEADOWS™ Air Freshener 150 ml
  • PURSUE™ Toilet Bowl Cleaner 750ml
  • L.O.C. ™ Plus SEE SPRAY Glass Cleaner 500 ml
  • L.O.C. ™ Plus Soft Cleanser 500 ml
  • AMWAY™ Wax Furniture Polish 400 ml
  • BODY SERIES™ Concentrated Liquid Hand Soap Refill 1 Litre

That is a significant drop in price. Why couldn't they have done that sometime in the last decade in the US?


Anonymous said...

They could have lowered their prices but that would have meant taking a hit to their income today in order to create a better future.

Chuck, Chris, Orrin, Randy, Don, Billy, et al. were willing to do just that, but it takes vision and guts to do it voluntarily.

If it was truly just the training system then they should have just left prices alone (or maybe it was the prices after all?).

Jim Pointguard said...

Gee, why are they lowering their prices???

Hey, what were the TEAM leaders asking for in NUMEROUS letters and meetings with Quixtar?

Lower prices to help retail the products as well as help the newest circle?

And what was Quixtar's reaction? To terminate them?

Oh, that makes sense. (sarcasm!)

LUCHADOR said...

two words

gre edy

ok that was one

here is the other one


Anonymous said...

From Ada-tudes, moving product from someone that does a good job retailing Q/A products:

Bridgett said:
November 29, 2007 7:23 PM | #
Maybe these are great deals for people in far away places. But in a major metopolitan area in which I live, most of the Options Catalog items at least twice the price of something I can get four blocks from my home--in eaches. Options is Costco sizings, but priced quite poorly.

Of the 63 pages of products, maybe less than a dozen are worth buying--at least for me and my situation.

I'm happy the Corp. finally separated out all the rip-off stuff in put it in one catalog.

So when people complain about the price of products, now my first question will be: Is it in the Options Catalog?