Thursday, November 22, 2007


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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Yet another example of the pathetic quagmire Alticor / Amway / Quixtar finds itself in. What am I talking about? Tomorrow, November 23rd 2007, marks the day commonly referred to as "Black Friday" or the biggest day in retail. In 2006 retail sales for "Black Friday" exceeded 8.9 billion dollars. A simple Google search for "Black Friday" will reveal websites dedicated to this retailing phenomenon. Sites such as, compile sale papers from major players in retail including those exclusive to the internet marketplace. There are certainly bargains to be had not only on Friday but the remainder of the weekend. So big is this event that many analysts are examining how the "Black Friday" effect is creeping into Thanksgiving Day itself. Last year over 8 billion retailing website hits were totaled not on Friday but actually on Thanksgiving.

Next Monday, folks will head back to work to catch up on what they weren't able to do on Thursday and Friday right? Actually no. Monday is when people go back to work to SHOP! Next Monday is referred to as "Cyber Monday." Monday is another huge day in retailing, specifically internet retailing. Last year "Cyber Monday" sales were estimated at a record setting 608 million dollars.

So what am I fussing about? What did Quixtar ever do to take advantage of these repeated and predictable explosions in the marketplace? It is just another example of their detachment from reality and their disregard for the Walmartization of the North American marketplace. I mean really how much smarts does it take? Is the answer that they really don't care? Quixtar sitting the bench on these dates is another example of Quixtar not holding up their end of the deal. This goes hand in hand with products being over priced. They don't play on these dates because they refuse to compete. How much does this cost IBO's year after year? I have never seen a company so afraid of common four letter words. You know like the words "sale" or "good" or "deal." If Q ever does lower the price on something the pv/bv always drops much faster than the price. This being true goes to prove what TEAM is saying. It is about internal consumption not customer sales. If there is no volume what is the point in promoting something if your cut is .7 pv?

So while the rest of the retail marketplace is setting sales records this weekend, Quixtar and their lonely website will be just that.... lonely. I picture Quixtar as the online version of a shuttered auto factory. They don't get it and they didn't change until it was too late. Over the years Quixtar has heralded some of their sales records and I am sure I repeated them myself. Maybe that is what ticks me off. I remember their first 1 million dollar day and then their first 12 million dollar day. When was Quixtar setting these records? Not on "Black Friday," or "Cyber Monday," or the day after Christmas. This should have been and should be a red flag! No their records were set on March 31st and August 31st, you know when people stretched and reached for goals. In other words it was fake volume. Fake volume inspired by a fake company with fake retail sales and fake principles. IBO's were forced to play the game to meet Quixtar's criteria. This is why Quixtar is the Grinch that stole "Black Friday."

In closing I would like to thank all you for making this blog the success it has been. I would also like to wish you all an incredible Thanksgiving Day. We all have so much to be thankful for. Thanksgiving Day 2007 will forever have significance as the first Thanksgiving that we can thank God for our opportunity to move on with TEAM and for our permanent separation from the world according to Quixtar. God Bless you all and enjoy all those high quality products on sale this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Much of my Cristmas shopping would have been Quixtar or partners this year. Probably in the neighborhood of $1000. Not a huge deal until multiplied by 1000's of other ibos who resigned. Good job on your blog.