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QUIXTAR: IBOAI Board & Quixtar Partner for Success

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IBOAI Board & Quixtar Partner for Success
November 08, 2007

"This was probably the best Board meeting I've attended in 20 years," said Jim Janz, Chairman of the IBOAI, following the Association's October Board meeting. "Board members and other IBO leaders worked in real partnership with our counterparts at Quixtar and Alticor."

Doug DeVos, Steve Van Andel, Jim Payne, Steve Lieberman, and other members of Quixtar and Alticor staff all made presentations and answered even the toughest questions posed to them by Board members on topics ranging from the future use of the Amway Global brand in North America to product pricing, QBI, and accreditation. Corporate reps, again and again, demonstrated a willingness to be flexible on both method and message.

"We focused on the solutions, and we accomplished a great deal that will be reflected in what all IBOs hear and see from Quixtar and from us in the weeks and months ahead," said Janz.

It is probably not well known to most IBOs that IBOAI Board meetings involve up to four days of intense sessions, with Board members - all volunteers - working 15 hours or more per day in full Board, Executive Committee, and subject-specific committee meetings. In addition, the October meeting involves electing the next year's officers and reporting the results of the election for new Board members from a pool of qualified Diamonds and above, plus the selection of additional members by the current Board.

The results of the elections are reported in full here, with Bill Hawkins elected as 2008 Chairman and Bob Andrews as Vice Chairman.

What comes out of the committee meetings are recommendations that are presented to Quixtar. It is too early to report the results of these recommendations, but we can say that:

The Awards & Recognition Committee, chaired by Bill Hawkins, made recommendations regarding QBI, achievement awards, and how a portion of Quixtar's advertising and PR budget should be used.

The Business Operations and Marketing Advisory Committee, meeting jointly and chaired by Kathy Victor and Sandy Hawkins, respectively, made recommendations regarding PV/BV, IBO websites, Quixtar's websites, sales leads, and Quixtar communication to the Field.

The Legal & Ethics Committee, chaired by Bob Andrews, made recommendations related to improving understanding and fairness of certain Quixtar Rules of Conduct, communication about Rules of Conduct, and improving the registration process.

Additionally, a non-Board Public Relations Committee chaired by IBOAI PR Manager Melissa Timmer announced wide-ranging plans for communication designed to improve IBO understanding about the role of the Board and the Association, dispel myths about the business, and improve all members' understanding about effective online public relations.

"We're looking forward to building on the platform of renewed trust built by the 2007 Board," said Chairman-elect Bill Hawkins. "We have an outstanding new compensation package and tremendously exciting new products and pricing. Hang on folks, 2008 is going to be fun, fast, and phenomenal!"

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Tom Morris said...


"Oh, you were serious about all that."

Too little, too late.

Anonymous said...

I'll believe it when I see it. They said the same thing for years now, with nothing getting better for the IBO, only worse.

Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is why they thought throwing money at people, when Chuck Goetschel was willing to walk away from upwards of $500,000, was going to make any difference.

Anonymous said...

Legal and Ethics Committee? You're kidding, right? Ya'll's Slinky is kinked if you think we believe the company even knows the definition of the word!

Mark said...

"We're looking forward to building on the platform of renewed trust built by the 2007 Board,"

That's a joke, right? Tell me at least it's a deliberate demonstration of irony... Sarcasm?

Anonymous said...

The IBOIA board has no power.
No matter what the corporate representatives say, or how sincere they sound, they will do what they want. The corporation has proven their utter disregard for the wellbeing of the hard working men and women who are the real builders of the business. The remaining members of the IBOIA board have proved themselves to be moral cowards and ineffectual in representing the ABO's. Their statements mean less than nothing.

Anonymous said...

Q terminated all discenting IBOS. The only IBOs left are "yes" men. It will be a long time before trust can be placed by IBOs in the field with IBOs on the IBOAI Board or with q's management.

Anonymous said...

Did the Amway lawyers write this press release so it serves the corporation's interest when they take the stand? Honestly, my gag reflex kicked in as I read it!

What a phony press release. Were all too well educated in the Amway school of hard knocks to buy into this public relations release.