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TEAM: Judge Speaks Out Against Amway/Quixtar/Alticor

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Judge Speaks Out Against Amway/Quixtar/Alticor
JANUARY 02, 2008

I was surfing through a few web pages this morning and read some interesting information on the IBO Legal Defense Fund website about Judge Keith Anderson who is speaking out against the Amway/Quixtar corporations. The following information appears in the IBO Legal Defense Fund website about Judge Anderson:

Just a year out of Law School, Mr. Anderson was court-appointed to represent an accused armed robber. He refused to honor the demand of his client to subpoena police records Mr. Anderson knew would support perjured testimony of his client, even though the evidence would probably have won the case. The Kansas Supreme Court later saluted Mr. Anderson as modeling proper ethical behavior for an attorney. That case is still used in Law School ethics classes today.

During his 24 years as a State District Court Judge, Judge Anderson gained a reputation of fairness, unquestionable character, and high ethical conduct. He was considered one of the best trial judges in the State of Kansas.

Judge Anderson says "In my opinion, the treatment by AMWAY/Quixtar of former and current Quixtar IBOs in terminating IBOs without following its own Rules of Conduct or, even, its historic treatment of IBO behavior it regards as inappropriate; threatening suspension or termination of IBOs; and on-going use of the legal system to intimidate and control IBO activities violates principles of basic fairness and reeks of injustice in its simplest terms."

This quote by Judge Anderson is quite interesting indeed. This has to be alarming a number of the IBOs in the field that are associated with Quixtar/Amway. Why would a Judge make this type of statement if it were not true?

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Anonymous said...

Ron Simmons latest lawsuit in Texas updated...

Anonymous said...

He's not the only Judge to speak out... here's what Judge Feess had to say about Alticor's arbitration ideology (re:JAMS-p41)...
"...I didn't know that JAMS had contracts with companies and pre-oriented neutrals, and I WONDER HOW ONE COULD POSSIBLY DESCRIBE THEMSELVES AS NEUTRAL if they're pre-oriented in a way by a party that's paying the outfit. THAT IS SOMEWHAT DISTURBING TO ME. I have never heard of anything like that before." I wonder what he would have said if he would have looked at the DSA?

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updated today. Logo's are official.