Friday, January 25, 2008

QUIXTAR: While we were out

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While we were out
January 25th, 2008 @ 4:00 pm ET…

It’s been quiet here lately. Not uneventful—just quiet.

And we apologize if seems we stayed quiet too long. It wasn’t intentional.

There were no big breaking news headlines to bring to you. And there was also at least a little fatigue after months of heated—and healthy—debate on this site. Our friend AMBA even ended up with his arm in a sling.

But we are back, and we will be back more often in weeks to come. For now, let’s catch up on a couple of things.

TEAM: Many of the disputes that occupied this space over the past few months are now in arbitration. Good to see our commitment to arbritration supported by so many courts.

NEVADA: One thing we can mention: As noted in an earlier post, we are pursuing a lawsuit against TEAM in Nevada, the state where the company is incorporated. We think they have a lot to answer for, including their violation of Quixtar’s rights to its LOS. What they are mostly doing in response is trying to wiggle out of answering questions about their plans to harm Quixtar business owners. They can’t wiggle forever.

TEXAS: We noted earlier that we cleaned up in most of the (too many) cases in Texas. More recently, a federal magistrate dissolved a preliminary injunction that had been granted to our friend and correspondent Ron Simmons. Seemed right to us. This case will also now go into arbitration.

But the news in North America isn’t all about conflict — not by a long stretch. ELSWEHERE IN NORTH AMERICA, we:

introduced two new products lines—Simply Nutrilite and Artistry essentials—with ad campaigns;
rolled out a historic $60 million in QBI and offered new benefits like free shipping;
unveiled Quixtar University with an ever-expanding roster of online courses;
redesigned the Quixtar website; and
launched a webcast series to update our IBOs on our transition from Quixtar to Amway Global.
The Opportunity Zone, which turns 1 next week, makes for great conversation on the business.

UK: Closing arguments in the UK trial ended December 8. The court may rule anytime. However, out of respect for the court and British legal custom we will not comment on the case until the judge issues his ruling.

ELSEWHERE IN THE WORLD, we are wrapping up a good fiscal year, and looking forward to sharing the news in a few weeks.

We’re sure there’s more. We’ll be in touch.


Anonymous said...

Amway - There you go again.

It looks like Amway invented a new product -- a hearing aide. Only this one filters out anything they don't want to hear.

Like cross examining the founders of the Team for days and walking away with nothing. So much for "wiggle out of answering questions." I guess they had their Amway hearing filter in when Judge Sullivan heard them out. And kicked them out.

What was it Judge Sullivan said? Something like, 'you told Team to "Just Go, TEAM" and they did. The only people you have to blame are yourselves.'

How's that for veracity?

rocket said...

I like the closing remark,

"We’re sure there’s more. We’ll be in touch."

Really Amway? 'Cause you've been out of touch for the past quarter century.


Anonymous said...

How exciting can any bonus amount be when Quixand can just not pay it without any reason. How inspiring can it be to run for a bonus tha Quixand can "wiggle" out of.

Anonymous said...

Someone from India posted a comment on this on a compromised blog site (their motto:six-four-sue that's all we do) - stating that DeVos and VanAndel left Nutrilite peacefully. I must have read the wrong history--when they met with former Nutrilite sellers who actually GOT TO CHOOSE whether to stay or go? What a Concept. Maybe if THEY were IN CHAINS and DENIED an opportunity TO CHOOSE it wouldn't have been so "Amicable"?