Friday, March 7, 2008


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Friday, March 7, 2008

The Rebellion has recently obtained a copy of an actual letter written this week by a former Silver who was recently renewed without their consent or permission. Not only that, but they weren’t even notified about this renewal. They happened to randomly attempt to log in to the Quixtar website the other day and much to their surprise, they found out they had been renewed. Then when they called to complain, they were hassled by Ron Mitchell who refused to send them a written letter confirming that they were in fact no longer IBO’s as of their original date of Dec. 31.

Is this the new level Quixtar is stooping too? Are they attempting to delay the 6 month inactivity period for IBO’s? Who ever heard of someone being renewed without their permission with a special ‘non-fee renewal’.

Even more interesting is that this particular couple had made the decision to non-renew with Quixtar without ever having been a part of the Team organization, ever attending a meeting of the Team organization and no one in their downline had ever had any contact with Team in any form whatsoever, or attended any form of a Team meeting.

Copies of this letter have been mailed off to the FTC, the Better Business Bureau of Michigan, the Attorney General for the State of Missouri. Sources also tell me some high-level elected officials in the State of Missouri are now taking an interest in all the activities of the Quixtar Legal Department and their application and unfair enforcement of the Rules of Conduct. More on this later.

Looks like there may also be more to follow on this upline who was given access to names, addresses, and phone numbers in possible violation of a protective court order. Could Quixtar have possibly violated a court order by giving this access? Could this person possibly be opening up a new can of worms for Quixtar in the state of Missouri by making these phone calls? There will definitely be more on this later too.

For now, here’s the letter….

Mr. Steve Lieberman,

It has come to our attention that on 2/29/08 our Quixtar business was renewed without our consent or knowledge. We did not renew nor did we ever have any intention of renewing. Along with the fact that we did not renew, we also sent a registered letter dated 1/18/08 to Quixtar to confirm this fact. In that letter we requested a confirmation that we did not renew and did not want to be associated with Quixtar. Instead of a letter of confirmation, we received an e-mail on 2/4/08 stating because we were silvers you would renew us and "charge our monthly summary" and if we did not respond to this e-mail within 15 days Quixtar would take this to mean we did not wish to renew. Since that was our desire from the beginning, we did not respond. That, however, is not what happened. We were renewed as a "no charge renewal" under restricted status. Exactly who is to benefit from that type of renewal? This is just one example of the lack of business integrity that has been a part of our decision not to renew in the first place.

In an attempt to resolve this matter, we talked with two members of the Quixtar associate staff on 3/3/08 to inquire as to who renewed us without our permission and why, expressly against our wishes. Neither of these associates had the answers to our questions. However, we were informed we would be receiving a call from Ron Mitchell who would have these answers.

On 3/4/08, we received that phone call. It was indeed a very informative phone call. We were told that we were not singled out in any way and that all silvers from this organization were renewed. Mr. Mitchell was either woefully uninformed or intentionally inaccurate with this information. An upline silver is a very close family member of mine and as of 8:00 PM the previous night had not been renewed nor informed of the intention of being renewed. We were also informed that I "caught this before Quixtar had the opportunity to notify" us. We wonder why Quixtar chose to wait until after the event to inform us as opposed to doing so prior to this event. We were also told that "it was Quixtar that renewed" us and no single individual was involved. Ironically, before we were even aware of our renewal, we began receiving phone calls at the rate of one per day starting the day after our forced renewal from an upline whom we have never had any contact with whatsoever. Apparently he was also very "quick to catch". We assure you that given the content of the first phone call, he was not calling to inform us of our newly renewed status. Incidentally, this person had a court order preventing him from contacting us.

Regardless of what the company's intent is or was, it still should have never happened. It was our understanding when we started we were Independent Business Owners. Independent meaning that what we do with our business, at least in part, was our decision not Quixtar's. In our opinion we should have at the very least been contacted before you made the decision to renew us. The decision and responsibility for that decision rests solely with Quixtar and the individual or individuals who initiated it. This is not the type of business mentality or ethics we wish to be associated with. After not renewing, sending a registered letter, and not responding to Quixtar's e-mail there should have been no doubt that we had no intention of renewing our business. We have also demanded a written letter stating our resignation started as of 12/31/07, not just an e-mail. The e-mail we did receive was vague on that point. We want absolutely no doubt that as of 12/31/07 we were no longer a part of the Quixtar organization. We continue to await the written notification delivered by standard mail.

For your information, this letter has been forwarded, by registered mail, in its entirety to the Attorney General of the state of Missouri, the FTC, and the Better Business Bureau of Michigan. I reserve the right to forward this letter to others that may not be named here. We feel it is in our best interest to inform these agencies of how Quixtar had made decisions for us without our consent or knowledge.


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