Monday, March 10, 2008

QUIXTAR: Rumor re IBO Renewals Without Permission

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Rumor re IBO Renewals Without Permission
March 10, 2008

Frequent blogger Utah shared a rumor apparently appearing on some blogs to the effect that some IBO's businesses were being renewed without their permission.

Utah, we don't know where you are getting your information, but like much of what is currently circulating on certain blogs, this is more fiction than fact. The IBOAI Board (which at the time included some of those now affiliated with TEAM), and the Corporation partnered several years ago to make sure that an IBOs' business was protected against all possible negative actions (accidental or planned). Automatically renewing all Silver Producers and above was the jointly agreed upon solution. There is nothing unusual going on, Utah - sorry you spent time on this one.

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Anonymous said...

Where are you getting your information? Try..

So there is a good chance anyone silver and above has now been renewed if they just let their IB expire?

Looks like an opportunity for everyone that thought they hadn't renewed to check with the Corporation.

1John5:13 said...

So again they lie, it is more FACT than fiction. I wonder how that will stand up in court. I hope they got the persons name they spoke with when they asked NOT to be renewed. Hotel California comes to mind, "you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave." Now an honest business would HONOR their request to make the date of separation the day of the NON PAID automatic renewal date, however, based on past actions by that company, I would rather doubt it.


Two more weeks to FREEDOM!

Anonymous said...

This is fact. I have seen the emails myself. This past year, Silvers and above were not automatically renewed as in years past.

I have personally seen the certified letter one silver sent in to confirm the fact that they did NOT want to renew. Yet over a week ago, they recieved a special "non-fee" renewal.

It gets even worse. When they called to complain, Ron Mitchell refused to send them a written letter stating that their official 6-months would be backdated to the original Dec. 31 which would have been the date if they had not been renewed without their permission.

Unless you have witnessed some of this stuff firsthand, like I have, it's extremely hard to believe. But it is true. This company is not the same behind closed doors that people have been led to believe. They are as dishonest as any company I have ever heard of.

I rank them right up there with Enron.

For anyone thinking your 6 months are about up.....think again. This company plans to continue harrassing you for the next 2 years and will stop at nothing in an attempt to stop you.

It's time to rise up and write some letters. See the IBORebellion site and start writing now. This must stop. We can't allow this unethical corporation to continue taking advantage of people and then lying and spinning stories to cover up their illegal activities.

Anonymous said...

3.7. Authorization Period: IBO authorization shall expire at the end of each calendar year, with the exception of initial registrations accepted by the Corporation between September 1 and December 31, in which case such initial authorization shall expire at the end of the subsequent calendar year, provided however, the Corporation may extend this initial authorization period to begin August 1 from time to time as provided for in official Corporation publications. If an IBO does not renew his or her IB within the time limit established, or if the Corporation does not accept the IBO's renewal registration, such IB shall automatically expire.

3.8. Notice of Intent to Continue: In order to remain an IBO, an IBO must annually file a Notice of Intent to Continue (SA-469) to operate his or her IB by December 31 of the year preceding the year for which the IBO is renewing. Such notice may be filed by utilizing the Corporation's touch-tone or online renewal system, mailing form SA-469, in which case it must be postmarked by December 31, or any other means deemed appropriate by the Corporation. The Corporation reserves the right to limit the method(s) available for said filing. Failure to timely file an Intent to Continue may result in the loss of IBO's downline.

If available, IBOs may sign up for automatic renewal, with the next year's renewal fees charged automatically to the IBO's credit card. All automatic renewing IBOs are responsible for ensuring that the Corporation has a valid credit card, with sufficient available credit, on file at the time of renewal.

IBOs who have reached the level of Group Leader (e.g., Silver Producer, Gold Producer, Platinum or Ruby, etc.) will be automatically renewed should Intent to Continue Form not be received at the Corporation by December of each year with payment being deducted from their Performance Bonus.

Utah said...

Posted on both Alticor and IBOAI blog sites:

I would think that those Silver and up, who not knowing the current automatic silver and up renewal rule, would be allowed to call or write the Corporation and clarify the date of inactivity.

An IBO that thought they were resigning by not renewing should be able to straighten this out, and the Corporation, who, according to the IBOAI post was following the rules, should still cooperate.

I believe it is very bad policy to renew someone, not immediately notify them of the renewal, and then refuse to correct the date based on the intent. The “Hotel California” comments on other blogs are out of frustration with this policy.

These current rules have now been posted on two blogs crying foul.

I trust that IBOs, less than silver, who had dropped the automatic renewal were not renewed without asking, and that the corporation is willing to take into account intent on the rest.

Just because certain former IBOAI board members knew about the policy, doesn’t really matter. I believe people that didn’t renew did so based on their own decision, and based on their confusion, were not following the instruction of former board members.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm Amquix - would you like some affidavits from those former IBO's that had to request refunds from their unauthorized renewals? I know of at least 4 right off the top of my head.

It is your obvious intention to decieve that is so troubling! Why not tell the truth and apologise?

Utah said...

I thought I should re-post this:

"If ANYONE was auto-renewed in error, the Corporation has told us they will fix it and let them be on their way. We suggest that anyone with concerns along these lines contact Karen O'Neill in Quixtar Business Conduct & Rules. The IBOAI will assist if necessary."

IBOAI Blog Moderator

Utah said...

the the IBOAI Blog Moderator didn't post it here, I did. The email came today. I had complained several times to the board blog. They responded. Perhaps the other person was not acting under direction, or they felt they didn't need the bad press, I don't know why, but I thought it was good news. If you can solve something without an attorney, all the better.

Utah said...

re: the auto-renewal fix, If Karen O'Neill refuses to do something, remember that the second part of the equation (after Karen) is writing directly to IBOAI.

I would use: (which insures that it gets in multiple "right hands"). What ever the reason, and despite their latest post, they promised to help.

While Q/A has had a few people being jerks since August, you have to remember that there are still good people working for Q/A, and perhaps the board is waking up.