Monday, March 10, 2008

QUIXTAR: Orrin Woodward is a "Mis-leader"

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March 10th, 2008 @ 1:00 pm ET…

Terminated IBO Orrin Woodward’s recent decision to ask for contributions to his “legal defense fund” was such a low point that we cannot let it pass without comment.

Since his termination for unacceptable business practices last August, Mr. Woodward has done nothing but confirm, repeatedly, our decision to let him go.

We think that any objective person viewing the record would agree that:

He has abused the legal system by filing multiple, frivolous lawsuits that have been dismissed with prejudice.
He has abused business relationships of people he partnered with for more than a decade by repeatedly violating his contract commitments to respect the Line of Sponsorship of others.
He has abused his fiduciary responsibilities to his trade association by inducing others to disgorge confidential information and violate court orders.
Now, true enough: in response to those abuses, we threw him out of the company, the IBOAI threw him out of their boardroom, and judges threw his cases out of court.

So why drag our dispute back out into the light?

Because we believe that Mr. Woodward now is using distortions and untruths to justify bad ethical decisions he made – and attempting to get others to pay for his own ill-conceived lawsuits and mistakes. He is putting his downlines at legal risk without telling them. And he is attempting to raid Quixtar organizations, in further violation of his contract.

We can’t tell people how to react to these behaviors, other than to advise our business owners to contact Rules or Sales immediately if there are approaches made to your groups.

But in the face of a new round of misrepresentations from Mr. Woodward, we can – yet again –set the record straight.

So we will.

Mis-leader, in court

The original dispute: We terminated Mr. Woodward in August 2007 after he repeatedly refused to clean up his abusive business practices. Well before his disciplinary meeting approached, Mr. Woodward had hired a big-ticket law firm and ordered them to draft a federal lawsuit. He then filed that lawsuit within hours of his termination.

Mr. Woodward claims filing a lawsuit accusing us of operating an illegal pyramid was a negotiating tactic, part of a spiritually motivated attempt to reconcile our differences. It would be more accurate to say it was a premeditated attack on our business model, designed to drive every IBO in the US out of business and into the arms of a new venture he was planning.

Mr. Woodward and his legal team then coordinated an astonishing blitz of more than one dozen lawsuits against our company filed across the country. The timing and language of the suits were nearly identical, Mr. Woodward’s associates seemed to know instantly about all of them, and the same attorneys seemed to showed up in case after case.

Mr. Woodward claims the blitz was a spontaneous, grass-roots uprising. How he can say that in the face of all evidence to the contrary is beyond belief. We’re sure his behind-the-scenes communications tell a very different story.

And Mr. Woodward fueled his litigation attack with confidential documents belonging to the IBOAI, a trade association where Mr. Woodward had been a board member. Mr. Woodward’s associates stonewalled court orders to return the documents, which did not belong to them, and which they had sworn – twice! – to keep confidential.

Mr. Woodward claims he had nothing to do with the documents. The fact is, it seems obvious his lawyers used those purloined documents to write their lawsuits. In fact, a judge has now held Woodward associate Billy Florence in contempt of court for violating a court order related to those documents.

The result: Mr. Woodward’s federal lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice. Most of the spam lawsuits have been dismissed or evaporated. (And a recent Georgia legal document circulating online was never entered. Therefore it does not carry legal force – a fact Mr. Woodward’s associates, unsurprisingly, failed to point out.) Instead, courts have ordered Mr. Woodward and his associates to abide by their contacts and arbitrate. Mr. Florence has defied a court of law. Mr. Woodward’s strategy of legal harassment and attack is failing, miserably and utterly.

Mr. Woodward is a businessman. He knows what contracts mean and why he signs them. He could have honored his contract, followed the rules that govern moving to a competitive business. But he chose not to play by the rules, chose to initiate this massive legal fight, chose to jeopardize the businesses of thousands of IBOs.

Mr. Woodward could still choose to pay for the fights he picked. To watch him leave his money in the bank – and ask others with less to foot the bill for his poor decisions – well, call it what you want, but just don’t call it “leadership.”

Mis-leader, in the field

And a final thought: When we choose to fight, we choose to fight to protect the businesses that Quixtar and our IBOs have built.

But when Mr. Woodward and his associates encouraged mass resignations from our company, they did so knowing they would devastate the businesses of a number of Quixtar business owners who refused to be bullied into following him.

When Mr. Woodward encouraged those resignations, he knew some those who did follow him would lose income when they left Quixtar, and that he had no way to replace that income for them. But that did not stop him from encouraging those same people to spend hundreds of dollars replacing his lost income at rallies in Louisville and St. Louis.

When Mr. Woodward encouraged people to follow him to a business with “Wal-Mart pricing”… and then instead abruptly threw in his lot with a company that offers only a handful of ultra-premium priced products… he knew he would lose more of the people who followed him once and for all.

And when Mr. Woodward permits forays into our sales groups, seeking to split more people away, he knows that he is encouraging people to break rules and court orders and put themselves at risk. Worse yet, he does so knowing he’s leading people down a path of promises that lead to disappointment.

Mr. Woodward would no doubt find some historical figure to justify his actions.

But we cannot.

Because when we look at Mr. Woodward’s actions over the past six months, all we see is a manipulative person, abusing the principles of values-driven leadership that our business tries to teach. Put plainly, his recent actions are enough to make all of us who care about helping people build businesses more committed than ever to protecting IBOs from this kind of malicious manipulation.


Anonymous said...

H.A.M. says:
Today is March 10th and many of us "free radicals" have been held “at bay”, waiting to show our true colors.

Big Bad Q, you may be able to distract some with your nepotism (Nepotism is a common accusation in politics when the relative of a powerful figure ascends to similar power seemingly without appropriate qualifications) lead lawsuits, spending your daddy's money; however you will not beat us on the open field! History will write itself, not you. You are not the author of “our” destiny, GOD is, and everyday you go down the path you follow, you fall closer into the hands of Satan. Try GOD out, if it does not work out Satan will always take you back.

A new chapter has been started my fellow warriors, let’s show them how fast and how many Power Players will show up in June. The glory will go to GOD, unsheathe the sword and let the battle begin!

Anonymous said...

distortions and mis-truths???? Look at the pot calling the kettle black. Orrin Woodward has been a lot more upfront and honest than Q has. Q is misled, hidden the truth, abused the arbitration system, taken advantage of people, and been a pathetic exampl of business in America.

As far as Orrin having a legal defense fund....did you see what Amway did to the Morrison's with their $6 million in legal fees?

If Quixtar really wants Orrin gone, why don't they just let him go instead of filing all these frivolous lawsuits against anyone wanting to leave.

Anonymous said...

Check out the iborebellion blogspot. Looks like another state is looking into the actions of Quixtar/amway.

Anonymous said...

Orrin is hardly God's representative on earth.

That said, Alticor keeps shooting itself in the foot. How many more people will they drive off with the latest post?

nonprofit said...

I find it curious that you chose to launch a personal attack on Orrin Woodward on the Internet. Is this not the same company who was trying to drag anonymous bloggers into court for disparaging remarks against them? Don't the same rules apply to you? You think you'd have learned how bad this looks in court with your "Just Go Team" post. I've been told hurting people hurt others, Is this painful to you? Did the Georgia decision hit a nerve?

Since you brought it up, could you answer us this? What secrets were you and the IBOA board keeping from us that you don't want made public? I don't know about others but I'm kind of suspicious of anyone who hides things from me. I've noticed from other posts you've went to great lengths to keep tool profits a secret too. Why is that? What else don't you want us to know? Why do you constantly hide these proceedings in secret arbitration? Is the court of public opinion to harsh? Is it true your legal team is inept in the courtroom? Has years of hiding all of your litigation in arbitration dulled their skills and courtroom etiquette? There are so many unanswered questions. You've made quite a few claims here, are you prepared to back them up with evidence in court? Last I heard you were using subpoena's as a fishing expedition. If you don't have hard facts this looks a lot like liable.

You post has inspired send another check to Orrin's cause! I want to see this in a court room. I'd like the court of public opinion to settle this. A jury of peers! What do you say we call 20./20, or any one of those investigative news shows? How about you come out of the arbitration closet and answer all of these questions! Like a modern day Churchill said......

Anonymous said...

I believe this is worth posting on Crazy World



1John5:13 said...

Wonder why that other company had the rule of not "Cross Lining"? Because if all those who were not making money were talking to others who were not making money, they would quit FASTER. Beware, your sin will find you out!!!


1John5:13 said...

Oh and BTW qmouth, tell us again how your business is? Can you say ENGLAND, and you have the SAME ILLEGAL SCHEME here on this side of the pond.

Anonymous said...

You guys just continue to totally amaze me. For 18 plus yrs I defendid the Q/A business as being the best business out there. But you, for yrs now, continue to apply and change the rules to fit your agendas and, when someone stands up for what is right you squash them like a bug and make them out to be the bad guys. For yrs I wondered what happened to Leaders like Brig and Lita Hart, Andy Andrews, and many others. You chose to destroy them just like you are attempting to destroy Orrin and many other big Leaders that you once held in high reguards. You are now at a point of "know return" as the Kansas song says. You know if Orrin and thousands of other IBO's who chose to leave by their own free will and choice, leaving behind millions of dollars on the table, if they win then you lose and lose big time because you will self implode, which it appears you are already doing anyway. I and my sweetheart chose to follow those who have my loyalty because they stand for right and justice, not because they told me what to do! The right shall prevail. We will go to a million people. Thank goodness it won't be with you.

Anonymous said...

(contributions to his “legal defense fund”)
It is not "HIS" he has enough money, the defence fund is for the little guy Q is trying to bully like Emeralds and below or bloggers

Your Crazy to think that!! :)

Anonymous said...

"Mr. Woodward would no doubt find some historical figure to justify his actions.

But we cannot."

Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it. I recently heard Mr. Woodward speak about East and West Germany and the Berlin Wall being built to keep people from leaving. I hear cries of desperation. So glad I escaped in time.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is "liar, liar, pants on fire"

Anonymous said...

If you post to alticors weblog you know they have a bunch of techies figuring out who you are. They know your IP address from when you were purchasing product from Quixsand and of course it is linked to your name. When you post to alticraps website you again send your IP signature with every message. So you are not Anonymous.

And to further that, they are looking for more info about you possibly knowing info before the 6 month rule ends. And what better way to do that then piss people off who might tell the wrong story then subpena you to court...
then if they can definitely prove you knew info prior to the 6 month rule, it does not matter who in the LOS broke the rules and they can link it to Orrin.
The rules state by breaking the rules that if any money is made by that Group and downline, now and in the future and forever, it will be given to Quix"tar".
So in Q's eyes if they have the info to bring Orrin down they are not worried about where they get their money from in the future cause it will all come from Orrins new Venture!
Maybe some could repost on alticor website and see if it get posted!!! with a few changes in the names posted here.

Thanks for listening. DR.