Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Interesting what's going on

While this blog references Quixtar and Amway quite a bit, it turns out that people who find this site are searching for the following:
1.randy haugen66 monavie30
3.bill newton19
4.brig hart16
5.fred harteis15
6.brig hart lawsuit9 guzzardo9
8.don wilson amway8
9.monavie team8
10.randy haugen quixtar8
The majority of the people who found this site were looking for information on Randy Haugen. My guess is he is showing a lot of MonaVie™ plans (as well as his team). Next up is Team MonaVie™ (which is how it is referenced in the opens now). Followed by other big leaders. Other leaders that lead to this site with a google search are (in order of searches): Billy Florence, Kirk Birtles, Tim and Amy Marks, Don and Ruth Storms, Brig Hart, Mark and Tammy Crawford, Bill and Jackie Lewis, Fred Harteis, Aaron Radosa, Bill Hawkings, Matt Abraham and Robert Dickie.

There are a lot of variations on Randy Haugen also.

Even though I have not been adding content for at least half a year, December had 846 people visit the site, mostly from the United States, but a good chunk from Canada and the UK. The top-ten states visited from are: California, Michigan, Florida, Illinois, Texas, Pennsylvania, New York, Utah, Georgia and Ohio (with California and Michigan each being twice as much as any others). California is mainly the Bay Area, LA Area, San Diego and Hisperia (of all places). Michigan is mainly Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids (wonder who that could be). Florida is mainly Jacksonville, Ft. Myers and all along the south-east coast. Illinois is basically Chicago. Texas is Dallas, Houston and Austin.

I think this gives us an idea as to where Randy Haugen is growing his business.

Of the people who have visited since April, about a quarter of them visited the site more than 10 times.

The website that has referred the most people to this site (besides google) has been followed closely by

Anyway, I hadn't been here in a while and thought I'd see who was visiting. Have a great day. Have Fun, Make Money, Make a Difference and Drink It, Feel It and Share It.

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manley said...

Hey Tom Morris.. Haven't been here in a while. See you had recently visited. Hope all is well with you and family.
Take a visit on face book if you get a moment. Lets get caught up since the Q.
Cheers, manley